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3 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Good day!

    This is from Emerald Headway Distributors, Inc., the largest distributor of Reader’s Digest Asia in the Philippines. Our RD Asia June issue covering Hallyu – why Filipinos are hooked with Korean Wave will be out in the market soon!

    We are hoping we could possibly tie up with you on the promotion and selling of this June 2016 issue.
    We are open for advanced orders, with our online store –
    For bulk orders, we will be giving discounts depending on the quantity of the orders. Free delivery anywhere in the Philippines for an order of 12 copies or more.

    Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you!


    1. Hello! In line with these we will promote the June 2016 Issue of Reader’s Digest Asia through Social Media Accounts to encourage our online readers and followers to buy the magazine you mentioned.

      Under the conditions, we really agreed about your request to tie-up the promotions.

      Thank you!


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